The Exposed Writer

Being a writer is like having all your secrets exposed. Like giving an important talk to thousands of people butt naked.

It is the worst kind of exposure because it’s your heart that’s hanging out there. …

Loud Is The Tock

The old grandfather clock doesn’t know how to keep time anymore

It’s gear brains and mainspring heart

Are worn down by life.

They tell the clock…

Virginia City Nevada

You can feel the breath of ghosts on your neck

As your boots thunk over ancient wooden planks of the boardwalk

Smells of pizza and chocolate mix…

Time In All It’s Minutes Ticking

A Prayer For 2022

May the darkness

That twisted the neck

Of the world

Bend to light.

May the rocky road

That brought despair

Wedding Ring

Such a small beautiful gold thing

To lose inside the engine of a car

The resultant guilt and sadness

Has never gone away.

I still look for my…

Cold Breath On My Toes

Winter blows snow

In my boots

My toes tremble

Look for a warm


The snow blanket

Makes even shotgun shacks


Deep breaths air


Rooster crows

Cows moo

Fresh milk

Poured in lidless Mason Jars

Green pastures

Solitary John Deere tractor

Small in the vast farm distance


Wrapping Paper In A Clumsy Husband’s Hands

The scissors snip cut make that paper sound

As clumsy hands figure the way of the present in the box

Bows of all…

Christmas Post Covid?

Will it ever end?

The Variants

The new

Andromeda Strain

Come to life

A writers pen

Told the tale

We all hoped was only


Can’t even…

A Friend Like You

Glad to have a friend like


One who can make me laugh at


When I get too depressed or serious

A friend who will…

David Beaty

Novelist, screenwriter, poet. Fan of all things writing, film, music. Married forty-two years. Dog lover.

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