David Beaty
1 min readApr 19, 2019


Age Is Just A Number. A Way Of Counting Days

It’s almost Easter and for me it’s a milestone moment.

Easter Sunday is the day I turn 65 years old.

Or is it young?

Not really sure.

It’s a strange feeling to be eligible for Medicare.

Not that I’m complaining I’m very glad to have it.

It’s just strange.

My mind doesn’t feel old.

My body doesn’t feel old.

Well thats not exactly accurate.

There are those days when my body feels 100.

Then there are days when I feel like I could dance like Fred Astaire.

65 and counting.

I choose to believe my best days are ahead of me.

God willing when I’m at the 100 mark I will grab my cane, put on some music, and do my best Fred Astaire.

Because if I make it to 100 that will really be something to celebrate.

Until then I choose to make this 65th birthday a memorable one. The fact that it falls on Easter a time of new beginnings is just icing on my cake.

Because age is just a number, a way of counting days.



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