Backward Glance

David Beaty
2 min readFeb 25, 2024

It is a cold night and I wake up to find Gracie staring up at me. She needs to go outside and potty, but even with one of her night teeshirts this middle of the night chore is not a favorite of my dog.

We walk to the back door and I open it. A blast of cold air whips at me like a Nordic fist. Gracie and I look at each other.

“You know Dad I’d rather not go out there in the cold.”

Gently chide her. Just go out and pee and when you are done I will cover you with your favorite blanket I say.

Doggie sigh. She creeps out into the night her soft paws padding from back patio to freezing lawn. All the while looking back at me.

“Are you watching me? It’s cold. Oooh a sniff, hold on, a big sniff!”

Backward glance. “There are coyotes around here, coyotes, but coyotes none the less.”

“I’m watching my angel dog girl. You can bet on it!”

Another backward glance.

“Okay I’ll go a little farther, nose around. I know you would never let anything hurt me.”


The cold has made my bare feet numb why can’t I ever find my slippers?

Gracie races in. She jumps on the bed and gets covered in her blue blanket.

My family loves this little pit bull mix so much, words fail to say the joy and laughter this angel with four paws has brought to our lives.

My feet are still tingling from the cold, but that’s all right.

Gracie is worth it. She is funny, smart, and she has the heart of a lion.

But next I time I hope i can figure out where my I put my slippers.



David Beaty

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