David Beaty
1 min readFeb 11, 2024

Blessing or curse

All my life I’ve been a dyslexic. Which means I can’t park a car between the lines and can’t tell 6 from 9 which probably explains why I’m not a world banker.

My friend and screenplay writing partner used to say it was a blessing. Because I didn’t know what I couldn’t write and that’s sure true my stories are out there. He was sure right about that.

They say Einstein and Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise are dyslexic. I don’t know about that but I’d be willing to bet that they can park a car between the lines. I’d like to ask them some day but I’m just a blue collar guy what are the chances?

All I know there are days when I hate it and see it as a curse. Then there are days when I can soar and write what people tell me are highly original stories. The kind of stories that they have never read before. Is it the dyslexia?

Beloved readers I am going to share with you how I spell dyslexic. Dixlexec. Now you know my dirty little secret. Thank heaven above and tech geniuses for spell check.

The jury’s still out for me on whether being dixlexec is a blessing or a curse.

One things first sure. Just once I’d like to park a car like a normal person on the first try!!!



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