David Beaty
1 min readMay 4, 2020

Four Dead In Ohio

I wasn’t there

Barely sixteen years old

Lived in the Big Valley

Modesto, CA

Before it was American Graffiti town.

My Dad made us watch news at dinner

“Four Dead In Ohio”

Walter Cronkite tells us

College students

Mind Shock

How can this be happening?

How can our best and brightest be dying in a place called Vietnam?

How can unarmed students be gunned down?

I can’t eat feel suck

Leave the table

Go outside and find my Stingray bike

Jump on and ride and ride

Until I reach 7th Street Bridge way and my Lions made of Stone

“Four Dead In Ohio” I whisper to my protectors

They don’t roar or speak

Because after all they are only made of Stone.

David Beaty

Novelist, screenwriter, poet. Fan of all things writing, film, music. Married forty-seven years. Dog lover.