David Beaty
1 min readMar 9, 2022


Watching My Dog Gracie Sleep On Her Bed In my Office

She joins me when the writing

Turns to volcanic ash

Feels like my Muse has fled

Across galaxies taking with her

My hope and wishes for a better


I worry, not even my music helps,

Until I look at our wonderful Pit Bull

Mix Gracie.

Gracie the Brave, Gracie the Good, Gracie the Goofy Laugh Bringer

Our adopted four legged Angel

Saved from a fighting ring

A curse on all who would hurt any animal

May hell find them with a hot poker

And thrust it in their dead hearts.

Breathe breathe deep breaths

You can’t stop Hitler Putin

All you can do is pray for Ukraine

Pray and never stop

Remember Z is for Zero

Cowards and automatons

Who follow orders blindly

Breathe just breathe deep breaths

The writing black is choking the arteries of your soul

Don’t let it win smash the grim reaper inner critic in the face.

Look at your beloved Gracie

Watching her sleep peacefully in her favorite dog bed in my office

Gracie the Brave, Gracie the Good, Gracie the Goofy Giver of Hope

Our Angel with four paws.



David Beaty

Novelist, screenwriter, poet. Fan of all things writing, film, music. Married forty-seven years. Dog lover.